Our better burger and Latin grill concept has been a huge hit in Miami. Are you ready to bring this unique new franchise opportunity to your area?

Pincho is an elevated fast-casual Latin grill concept. We’re a concept that was born from a passion for food and is ready to grow to the next level. We’re a modern-day burger and kebab joint, and we haven’t seen any other new franchise opportunity out there doing things quite like us.

“There’s nobody else like us in the U.S.,” says CEO and Co-Founder Otto Othman. “I’m not sure there’s anybody else like us anywhere that is serving up these kinds of meals influenced by iconic Latin street food and Latin American dishes. You wrap all that up into a concept that has fantastic economics, and you have something truly unique.”

A popular concept that fuses the familiar and exotic

Our original 10-restaurant chain in the greater Miami area has a devoted and growing fan base that loves Pincho for the amazing, Latin-inspired burgers and grilled skewers reminiscent of street food in many Latin countries.

Pincho is the Spanish word for skewer. They are similar to Middle Eastern kebabs but with a Latin flavor profile, and they are the base of many wraps, bowls and salads on our menu. Our award-winning Latin-inspired burgers comprise more than 30% of our sales and have generated significant buzz — one making-of video has gone viral with over 55 million views.

The idea was born at a backyard barbecue on the Fourth of July where cousins Othman and Nedal Ahmad were grilling burgers and pinchos and dared to wonder, “What if…”

“I told my business partner that nobody was doing what I used to eat in South America, which was combining burgers and grilled skewers under one umbrella,” says Othman. “Add to that these regional Latin flavors that you typically find in the streets, being made by mothers and grandmothers known for amazing food, and I said, ‘Man, we gotta have this here in the states.’

“And a couple days later, we got together and we decided to go for it.”

Better than ‘better burger franchises’ & ready to go nationwide

Pincho has become a cult hit in South Florida. Even though burgers are only part of what we do, our burgers have been voted Best Burger in Miami three years in a row — 2015, 2016 and 2017. We are committed to expanding our brand presence nationwide.

“One of the most typical questions we get from prospective buyers is, ‘You’re only in Florida today, so how is this going to scale and be replicable outside of Florida?’” says Othman. “Well, we’re burgers and kebabs, and everybody understands a burger and a kebab.”

Proving out the unit-level economics

Another common question we get from prospective franchisees is whether Pincho will be able to achieve the same economics outside of our home market. In our case, it’s to our benefit that Miami is not the cheapest labor market and South Florida is also a high-rent market.

Because we’ve proven our business model works by leasing in an expensive market and by paying above minimum wage, we’re confident in the ability to be successful in other areas of the country. So, operators in Nashville or Kansas City may find some built-in benefits by opening Pincho in their relatively less-expensive markets. And in larger cities, franchisees will already have a good sense of how well our concept works in places where square-footage and labor costs are higher.

We put people first

The customer service model most people are familiar with is a customer-first model. The old adage is, the customer is always right.

That’s not quite how we do things at Pincho. We absolutely believe in high-touch customer service — and that’s why we put our team members first. If the guest service starts to slip, we’d rather retrain than replace. We pay team members above minimum wage. We believe that by putting them first, they’ll feel pride in their workplace and in being part of the Pincho team. And that’s a win-win for the customer.

We have higher standards than the average QSR or fast-casual restaurant. While customers enjoy the speed and convenience of ordering and paying at the counter, we provide table service, bringing the food to the customers and checking to see if they need a drink refill or another beer. We take care of the dishes and clearing the table.

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