Meet Pincho restaurants, one of the best new franchise concepts you’ve never heard of

Pincho is a new franchise concept that is already generating 7-figure revenues in every restaurant we’ve opened. Our 10-unit Latin grill and burger restaurant chain has quickly developed legions of devoted fans in the Miami area.

Now, we’re looking to partner with experienced restaurant franchise operators and grow the Pincho brand across the country, with a goal of reaching 100 units in the next five years. Are you ready to join a bold new franchise concept on the ground floor?

A restaurant franchise with tremendous buzz

Pincho has captured the imagination and the wallets of Millennial diners looking for outstanding food and a unique experience. Because we’re committed to high-quality ingredients, a one-of-a-kind flavor profile, and use a highly effective social media strategy, we’ve been able to generate a lot of buzz:

We’ve gotten very good at measuring our ROI to every dollar that we’re spending on digital, and we’re seeing results in sales,” says Otto Othman, co-founder and CEO.

Pincho was the first brand to win the People’s Choice Award for Best Burger at the 2015 South Beach Wine and Food Festival, a prize which previously had only been awarded to celebrity chefs like Bobby Flay and Michael Symon. “When we did win, we had hundreds of franchise requests and our website almost crashed the next day,” Othman says.

Strong unit-level economics drive bottom line

Our unit-level economics are strong. “Our sales investment ratio is 3:1, 4:1,” says Othman. “The economics we’re achieving are very attractive for franchise operators. I think what our existing franchisees like most about our brand is the bottom-line returns they are able to see.

“We have strong sales levels, of course, but there’s real labor efficiency in the box and we’re able to manage our cost of goods nicely so that we’re able to hit sub-60 prime cost in our business, which results in really nice returns and profitability and helps us achieve things like our attractive sales to investment ratio.”

The food is unique and spectacular

The three best words to describe us are culture, passion and flavor. That’s why people are coming to our restaurant franchises. Our stores themselves are very friendly and comfortable, like a great neighborhood hang.

“The culture that we like to instill with our employees is one of friendliness and service, and good service at that, so once you order you know that from that point on you’re going to be taken care of as if you were in any sit-down casual restaurant,” says Culinary Director Adrian Sanchez. “Then the flavor or food, I think it’s unique and I think it’s something that people look forward to on a daily or weekly basis.

Our Growth

We do not make any money on the build out of your restaurant. Our franchise fee is $30,000 and the rest is up to the licensed contractor of your choice.

The average cost for a Pincho Factory restaurant ranges from $357,000 to $455,500. Now you might have some questions as to what does that kind of cash get you.

Here is a breakdown to your right.

Initial Franchise Fee$30,000
Real Estate Lease/Deposit$26,000 - $50,000
Tenant Improvements$167,000 - $250,000
Furniture, Fixtures, Equipment, Decor, Uniforms and Signs$159,000 - $189,000
Opening Inventory, Supplies$15,000 - $20,000
Licenses and Permits$6,055 - $12,000
Utility Deposits$5,000 - $8,000
Insurance$4,000 - $8,000
Grand Opening Advertising$10,000
Initial Training$10,000 - $25,000
Legal and AccountingLegal and Accounting$1,000 - $3,500
Additional Funds for First 3 Months of Operation
$30,000 - $50,000
Total Estimated Initial Investment$463,055 - $655,500

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