Our elegant fast-casual franchise boasts consistent 7-figure revenues and a unique niche in the restaurant industry

Pincho already has a huge following in South Florida. We ready to take our fast-casual concept nationwide.

You may already know that Pincho is seeking only experienced restaurant operators, and we are only selling three-unit deals or more. That’s part of our strategy to ensure our high standards and history of excellence are maintained. We’re something of a unicorn in the restaurant business, as an elevated fast-casual franchise that sells Latin-inspired burgers and kebabs, or pinchos, as they’re known in Spanish.

Our restaurant chain has been a huge hit in Miami, and we are ready to move beyond South Florida and take our award-winning concept nationwide. We have the formula and the processes for recreating our success; all we need are the right franchise buyers to join us. Below, here are five reasons you should do just that.

    1. Proven concept. We’re a small, privately owned restaurant chain that has a goal of growing to 100 units by 2023. Getting in on the ground floor of something as relatively new as Pincho adds an edge of excitement, but we’re not all show. Our most recent Franchise Disclosure Document reveals the hard numbers: 7-figure revenues, under 60% cost of goods and a strong ROI that hovers around a sales-investment ratio of 3:1 or 4:1.
    2. We are unique. We’re not a better burger franchise, though we’d stack up our burgers against the other guys’ any day. We’re not a Mexican franchise, though our Latin-inspired flavors are a huge hit with diners. We’ve carved out a niche that’s so unique, the marketplace would have a tough time copying it. Yet raving customers have no problem embracing a simple modern-day burger and kebab concept.

Our namesake Pinchos can made into wraps, salads and bowls that are easily customizable.

  1. Growing popularity. Our restaurants have captured the imagination and the wallets of Millennial restaurant patrons who are looking for outstanding food and a unique experience. The Pincho brand has been able to generate substantial buzz through the consistent quality of the guest experience and a smart social media strategy. The end results is that our restaurants experience strong lunch and dinner dayparts, and lines out the door at any time during operating hours.
  2. Invest during early growth stages. We’ve been a big hit in the greater Miami area for several years. Our across-the-board passion for our food and our commitment to customer service are evident — we’re talking lines out the door and awards for our amazing food year after year at prestigious events like the South Beach Wine & Food Burger Bash, which we won in 2015, 2016 and 2017. Now we’re ready to take our franchise nationwide, and we’re going to partner with only experienced and passionate multi-unit operators.
  3. Meaningful mission. It’s no secret that our restaurant role model is Shake Shack. They started out as a single location devoted to ethically sourced, high quality food and outstanding customer service. That appealed so much to customers that they grew exponentially, all while maintaining their values. We aim to achieve those same goals, but unlike Shake Shack, we’re doing so as a franchise. That means you have an opportunity to share in the growth.

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If you’ve been looking for something exciting and different to add to your investment portfolio, you should take a look at our unique fast-casual franchise. Pincho is seeking experienced operators to sign an Area Developer agreement for a minimum of three restaurants. You can get a detailed look at our franchise offering by downloading our free franchise report


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