From a couple of cousins kicking it at a cookout to a wildly popular Latin grill franchise that’s ready to go nationwide

Otto Othman had always dreamed of opening a restaurant. His mom’s Cuban recipes were always a hit with his friends in Miami. And his cousin, restaurant owner Nedal Ahmad, grilled a serious burger. The two were kicking around the idea one hot afternoon at Ahmad’s cookout.

“We were at his house for the Fourth of July barbecue and he wasn’t happy with his day-to-day situation, and then I told him, ‘Hey why don’t we just open a restaurant? I’ve always wanted to do this, you’re a good cook. We’ll serve my mom’s kebabs and your burgers and just have some fun with it’,” says Othman.

Every superhero has their origin story. Pincho’s beginnings stem from the culinary passion of its co-founders, Nedal Ahmad and Otto Othman.

Ahmad couldn’t sleep that night thinking about it. “I walk into the restaurant the next morning and asked my partner if he wanted to buy me out,” Ahmad says. “We had a deal done in about 45 minutes.”

Today, Pincho — the Spanish word for “skewer,” or kebab — is a wildly popular restaurant chain based in Miami. And while Ahmad’s signature burger manages to capture more than 30% of restaurant sales, Pincho is much more than a better burger franchise.

“We are an elevated Latin street food concept,” says Othman, Chief Marketing Officer. “Our offerings are burgers, pinchos and chicken sandwiches. And what really differentiates us is the fact that we have a little bit of something for everyone, right? So, we’re not just your typical burger joint. You know, we’re under this Latin grill umbrella where folks can come in and have an amazing burger, or, if they’re watching their weight they can have a freshly prepared salad with a fresh kebab.”

Not another better burger franchise

Like everyone, we love the better burger category. Some of the pioneers, like Shake Shack, are our restaurant role models. We love Shake Shack’s cool vibe and their commitment to ethical sourcing. Pincho is also dedicated to ethical sourcing, like 100% humanely raised beef that’s hormone- and antibiotic-free.

We’ve got the burgers to be a better burger franchise, but in reality we’re so much more.

The other thing that sets us apart is the dining experience. “What we try to tell people is, come to Pincho, you’re going to have a great time. It’s more about the experience and connecting people through food. And that is what you might call our secret sauce,” he says.

With Pincho, you get the opportunity to add something truly unique to your portfolio. And our 10-unit chain in South Florida has developed a huge following of loyal fans.

Learn more about Pincho

If you’ve been exploring better burger franchises or Mexican food franchises, we urge you to take a look at what Pincho has to offer. We’re seeking experienced operators to sign an Area Developer agreement for a minimum of three restaurants. You can get a detailed look at our franchise offering by downloading our free franchise report.


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