More than just a great beer, our 627 Ale symbolizes the drive and passion of the men who created Pincho franchise

Pincho’s 627 Ale is a farmhouse saison beer with a Pincho twist: Instead of the traditional orange peel found in a saison, our brew uses key lime peel for a spicy, fruit-forward ale.

Pincho patrons love our Latin-inspired burgers and kebabs, and our unique menu that includes bowls, wraps, salads and chicken sandwiches. And they’re just as happy when they lift a pint to enjoy our own specially brewed beer, 627 Ale. The story behind 627 Ale is like the story behind our restaurant franchise’s beginnings . In both cases, the key ingredient was passion.

The passion behind the brand

“We started meeting at my house just about every single night for almost four months, just trying to develop this thing,” says Pincho co-founder Nizar Ahmad. “I’m out in the daytime looking at real estate and in the evening meeting with my brother and (fellow co-founder) Otto (Othman), just talking about the concept, cooking food. There were some really epic failures in the kitchen while we were getting this thing together. But a lot of real successes, and we had a lot of fun with it.”

By November, they had to open their first Pincho location in the Westchester community in Dade County. The reasons for the accelerated opening is also the inspiration behind the name of our beer.

“Around the first or second of November, I call Otto and I’m like, ‘Hey, we’ve gotta open up this weekend.’ And he’s like, “What do you mean? We’re still not even close to ready. There’s still so much that needs to be done.’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah, well we have to get it done in the next couple of days. Because I’ve got $6.27 left in my bank account. We need to open this Saturday.’”

The spices in our food and the very small amount of money left in our co-founder’s bank account were the inspiration behind our 627 Ale.

A beer is born

The restaurant opening was very successful. Four years later, they had opened a second location and Ahmad was looking for a way to mark the occasion.

“When our fourth anniversary came by, we wanted to celebrate in a really cool way,” he says. “And I’d always wanted my own beer. That was one of my goals while we were building this company.”

After testing various brews with their menu to find the best pairing, they ultimately settled on a farmhouse saison-style beer with notes of lime instead of orange, as well as black peppercorn and coriander — the latter because it’s a spice found in their burgers and other menu items. Our 627 Ale was born.

“We wanted to commemorate the $6.27 I had left in my bank account,” Ahmad says. “And while we were circling around the name, we just felt that it needed to live in the brand permanently. And that’s how we came to 627 Ale.”

A brand culture strategy

Passion and creativity are values we cultivate at Pincho. They are as important to us as the expertise that is also part of the bedrock of this brand. Our commitment to these ideals is why we reported consistent 7-figure revenues in our most recent Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

Brand culture without results is pointless, so we are plotting our growth strategically. Yes, we want passion and creativity. But we also want experienced restaurant operators who know their way around the kitchen. We want franchise partners who are excited to join a brand at the very beginning of its growth curve, who understand the tremendous potential Pincho franchises represent.

Our Latin-inspired burger and kebab restaurant is like no other in the franchise space, and that gives franchise partners an edge over competing fast-casual concepts. We hope you’re inspired by the story of our founders and how they created Pincho’s signature beer. If you’d like to learn more, please see details below.

Learn more about Pincho

If you’ve been looking for something exciting and different to add to your investment portfolio, you should take a look at our unique fast-casual franchise. Pincho is seeking experienced operators to sign an Area Developer agreement for a minimum of three restaurants. You can get a detailed look at our franchise offering by downloading our free franchise report .


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