We’re looking for someone as visionary as PINCHO. If you’re a serial entrepreneur looking for the next big thing in new franchise concepts, we may be a match.

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New franchise concepts breeze in and fade out every day. As a savvy entrepreneur searching for the next big thing, you may have already recognized PINCHO as a truly unique food franchise that’s on a big upswing. Now you want to know: Do you have what it takes to work with us? Are you someone we’re willing to take a chance on?

If you were on Franchise Candidate Tinder, would we swipe right on you?

Our target franchisee

In a nutshell, here’s who we’re looking for: “Experienced multi-unit operators with sufficient capital and expertise to build three to five restaurants in the next three to five years,” says PINCHO President and CEO Jayson Tipp.

Let’s get third-date honest here: When we first started out, we made the mistake a lot of early franchisors make. We franchised new locations to friends and family. It didn’t always work out for the best because, as much as we loved them, they weren’t necessarily the people who could take us to the next level.

Under Tipp’s new leadership, we recrafted our idea of the ideal franchisee, and that person is someone who knows the restaurant business from the executive side, someone who understands what it takes operationally to run multiple units, and someone who is well capitalized enough to take on a large venture without a lot of hand-holding.

The prime example of our target candidate is veteran Five Guys franchise owner Ned Scherer, who will be doubling the size of our restaurant chain with his 10-unit deal in the Washington, D.C.-Baltimore corridor.

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Must love guac — actually, we don’t care if you love it or not. You just have to get how much our customers love it. And the truly unique flavor profiles of our award-winning burgers.

The brand of the future

People like Sherer who know what it’s like to invest in a game-changing concept are the people we want to partner with. Currently, our elevated Latin American grill concept consists of 11 restaurants in the Miami area, where PINCHO has developed a cult-like following among our heavily Millennial customers.

Every dish must be Instagram-worthy. No, really — that’s an important part of our food and service. We serve skewers, bowls and amazing burgers. We’re no burger chain, but we’re stoked to serve up award-winning burgers that are like nothing the burger-buying public has seen before.

Our flavor profile is inspired by Latin street food and Latin American dishes, and our founders’ moms. We don’t do discounts or coupons. We do Chalkboard Specials, chef-driven LTOs that sometimes end up on the regular menu, like our Toston Burger.

PINCHO restaurants are consistently pulling in 7-figure revenues. Our average unit volume in 2017 was a little over $1.5 million. We’re looking for the entrepreneurs to grow us to the next level, those who are ready and eager to sign a minimum of a three-unit Area Developer deal.

And we are definitely more interested in picking the right partner than picking out a specific territory to grow in next.

The PINCHO investment opportunity

If you’re our idea of a great candidate, we want you right now. Get in on this. We’ll give you a detailed look at our franchise offering if you fill out the form to download our free franchise report. Explore our brand on our research pages.


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