The hottest franchise opportunities are sometimes the ones you haven’t heard much about. Yet.

In Food Network’s 100+ Best Burgers in America, PINCHO came in at No. 6. In the nationwide 2019 South Beach (SOBE) Wine & Food Festival’s Burger Bash, we won the People’s Choice award. We don’t just boast about being one of the hottest franchise opportunities around; we’ve got the tostons to back that up.

Our Toston Burger, to be specific. It’s the perfect proof of our uniqueness of concept: Crispy-fried tostons are the bun that sandwiches a 5-ounce all-beef patty, melted white American cheese, lettuce, tomato and housemade cilantro and roasted garlic sauces.
A deliciously messy cheeseburger is sandwiched between two tostons on a plate with a skewer holding it together.

Our Latin American grill concept also serves up our namesake meat or seafood skewers — pinchos — along with pincho-based bowls and platters. Our crazy-good award-winning burgers account for about a third of our sales, and those aren’t doing too badly, either. Our restaurants in the greater Miami area have consistently generated 7-figure revenues.

Investors looking for low COGs, high ROI and one of the most unique franchise concepts that’s been on the scene in a while might want to look at our investment opportunity.

Fantastic burgers. Not a(n average) burger franchise.

We do have the best burgers going. The most inventive. Come in and try them, and you’ll see why our heavily Millennial customer base just can’t get enough. But it’s not just the burgers that bring them in. While we serve up amazingly better burgers, we’re not your typical better burger franchise.

Bowls of meat, vegetables and rice are pictured.
PINCHO is different. We’re a Latin American grill and better burger concept all rolled into a hot franchise opportunity.

Our flavor profile and menu were inspired and shaped by Latin street food and Latin American dishes. Culinary Director Adrian Sanchez says his background in based in passion, not classical training. He started cooking at age 9, learning from his mother and grandmother. He jumped at the chance to join PINCHO a year after the company started up, and he’s had a big hand in shaping the brand and those Instagram-worthy burgers.

“There’s a particular spice blend that we use on the burgers themselves,” Sanchez says. “Obviously I can’t share it; it makes our flavor unique. In addition to the spice blend, I would say it’s the actual meat blend itself. We have a contract with a burger provider called Schweid & Sons, and we use a product called Never-Ever.”

The Never-Ever beef is sourced from cows in the U.S., on 250 specific farms, that have never been treated with any kind of antibiotics or hormones.

“In the burger restaurant world, you can compare us to Shake Shack,” says Sanchez. “With the pinchos part of our restaurant, there’s really no comparison to anyone that I’ve seen.”

The PINCHO investment opportunity

If you’ve been looking for something different among the latest new franchise concepts, you need look no further than PINCHO. We’re seeking experienced operators to sign an Area Developer agreement for a minimum of three restaurants. You can get a detailed look at our franchise offering by downloading our free franchise report. Explore our brand on our research pages.


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