CEO Jayson Tipp shares PINCHO’s impressive growth story (and why Five Guys investors want in) at the Franchise Times Finance & Growth Conference

PINCHO CEO Jayson Tipp speaks at the Franchise Times Finance & Growth Conference, standing behind a podium with a microphone against the backdrop of a royal blue curtain.

When we opened the first PINCHO location in November 2010, the team had just $6.27 in the bank. Today, PINCHO has 12 units open in South Florida, a 10-unit development deal underway in the Washington, D.C.-Baltimore corridor, $1M+ AUVs, and a strategic plan for growth.

PINCHO CEO and President Jayson Tipp shared our story of growth at the Franchise Times Finance & Growth Conference in May — including how our Latin American grill and burger franchise, which is unlike any other, is capturing the attention of Five Guys franchisees and other experienced investors as we seek to grow to 100 locations by 2024.

Our unique franchise opportunity

“Pincho” is Spanish slang for skewer (as in kebab), and those are both the mainstay for our menu as well as the inspiration for our name. PINCHO’s flavor profile draws from Latin street food and Latin American dishes, interpreted in a way that’s fun, fresh and a huge hit with our largely Millennial customer base. We’ve also gained a huge reputation for our one-of-a-kind burgers, earning accolades from the likes of the South Beach Wine & Food Festival.

A burger served between two cheese quesadillas is topped with queso fresco, guacamole, pico de gallo, and crema.
A Mexican-inspired Quesadilla Burger was a recent LTO special, perfectly illustrating how PINCHO is not your average better burger franchise.

An experienced Five Guys franchisee has inked a deal with PINCHO to develop 10 units in Washington, DC, as our leadership team explores a round of Series B funding of $5 million-$10 million in the next 6-18 months.

PINCHO is more interested in a right fit with experienced restaurant franchise operators rather than specific territories, but we are keenly interested in major cities including Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas, Houston, Tampa and Orlando.

Our restaurant concept works well in smaller footprints (approximately 2,400 square feet) in suburban locations as well as urban areas with thriving dining scenes. PINCHO is looking to grow in traditional locations while also pursuing alternative venues such as airports, sports venues and college campuses.

A long-term franchising strategy

PINCHO was founded on the passion of our founders, who plan to remain owners of the brand for a long time.

Founders Nedal Ahmad and Otto Othman brainstormed the idea for PINCHO at a backyard barbecue. Today, Nedal has transitioned into being a franchisee of the brand, where his signature burger recipe accounts for about 30% of sales. Otto, our Chairman and CMO, works to ensure PINCHO’s elevated Latin street food concept continues to communicate a cool vibe that connects people through food.

PINCHO’s tagline — Flavor. Culture. Passion. — tells you about the distinctive character of our one-of-a-kind brand. Visit one and contact our Franchise Development team to learn more.

Learn more about the PINCHO opportunity

We’re seeking experienced operators to sign an Area Developer agreement for a minimum of three restaurants. You can get a detailed look at our franchise offering by downloading our free franchise report. Explore our brand on our research pages.