PINCHO is among the first to use the customer engagement platform and mobile app to meet the demands of our Millennial customers.

A line of headless Millennials in casual clothes lean against a wall looking down at their cell phones.

Founded by and catering to Millennials, PINCHO is committed to staying on the leading edge of technology. We’ve become one of the first restaurant chains to use a new platform from Thanx that integrates their customer engagement platform with a mobile interface which makes online ordering more accessible to consumers and helps drive sales.

Of course, our digital-first brand attracts a very diverse crowd that extends beyond Millennial diners. A quick stroll through any of our South Florida dining rooms and you’ll see people of all ages, ethnicities and races. But with our cool vibe and creative food, more than half our guests are between the ages of 18-34. As the generation that most often demands the ease of dining partnered with technology, Millennials are constantly looking for new and better ways to engage with brands and we want to be there.
A chicken sandwich is piled with red onion, shredded plantain, lettuce and tomato. In the background are a dish of fried plantains and a glass of beer.

Behind the scenes, franchise owners will be able to access their customers’ information and evaluate their spending and dining habits.

“We are always looking for opportunities to interact better with our customers, and through this new offering, we’re deploying a sophisticated mobile ordering experience that looks and feels exactly like our brand,” says Jayson Tipp, CEO and President of PINCHO. “Thanx is helping us offer a more consistent and seamless digital and in-store customer experience. It allows us to fully understand the behavior and preferences of our customers, optimize each communication with them, and reward them for purchasing the food they love.”

Superior unit-level economics

PINCHO is well-positioned in the $76 billion QSR burger industry, and we have the unit-level economics worthy of a larger development deal. Our latest Franchise Disclosure Document shows $1.3 million AUVs and strong performance on prime costs, leading to attractive store-level profit margins. Our typical build-out cost is around $500,000, resulting in a compelling sales-to-investment ratio and cash-on-cash return.

The ideal size of a PINCHO restaurant is approximately 50 seats in a 2,400 square-foot space. Franchise fees are $30,000, and franchisees also pay a 5% royalty fee and 2% toward a marketing fund.

Who we’re looking for

Not every franchise restaurant operator is looking for a differentiated, new brand. But, within that group of people who do understand our concept and want more than the typical restaurant franchise, we’re looking for a very specific partner. PINCHO is seeking existing multi-unit operators with chain restaurant operations experience. The ideal candidate has experience developing multiple new locations and a strong desire to be part of the growth of one of the best new franchises today.

We provide support for real estate, construction, operations, training, marketing and on-going operations.

Learn more

If you’ve been looking for something different among the latest new franchise concepts, you need look no further than PINCHO. We’re seeking experienced operators to sign an Area Developer agreement for a minimum of three restaurants. You can get a detailed look at our franchise offering by downloading our free franchise report. Explore our brand on our research pages.


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