We offer strong ROI, low COGs and a history of generating 7-figure revenues.

Our Latin street food and burger concept was created around passion, built with an intentional culture and continues to grow successfully thanks to our unique flavors. Our numbers show the proof of concept: 7-figure revenues, under 60% cost of goods and a strong ROI that hovers around a sales-investment ratio of 2:1 or better.

We can’t predict or project Pincho revenues, but we can share with qualified buyers a detailed snapshot of past financial performance via Item 19 of our Franchise Disclosure Document. To get your free copy, simply fill out the form on this page.

Gain more insights into our past financial performance including our complete item 19 by downloading our Franchise Information Report.

How we created strong demand

Pincho, says CEO and Co-Founder Otto Othman, is a modern-day burger and kebab joint with the flavor profile of a Latin grill. It would be difficult to pinpoint our main competition, since we don’t know of any other chain, in the franchise space or otherwise, that does what we do.

“Initially what we wanted to accomplish, really, was just a small neighborhood joint that served great food,” says Co-Founder Nedal Ahmad. “But when we saw all of these people just flocking to this place that’s deep out in the Miami suburbs, we really wanted to expand and share this with more neighborhoods. And it all just escalated really quickly.

“We went from, ‘Let’s just be a neighborhood joint’ to ‘Let’s grow this into a national brand.’ Because we felt our story should be shared with the rest of the country. And the world.”

How we’re amping up sales

Part of our appeal as a young and growing brand is our flexibility to innovate. When a chalkboard special for a burger with fried plantains as a bun turned out to be wildly popular, we ultimately made it a permanent part of the menu. When we added third-party delivery and online ordering, we made it even easier for guests to enjoy our amazing food — and for our restaurants to generate revenue.

“We think we have a lot of potential to grow same-store sales just by opening up those additional channels,” says Othman.

Our food is ethically sourced, prepared from never-frozen ingredients and made fresh to order. It has to taste good, first and foremost, but it also has to look good. Our Millennial customers in particular are drawn to our Instagram feed, and our marketing strategy is all digital.

Our award-winning burgers comprise around 30% of overall sales, while our customizable Pincho-based wraps, rice bowls and salads make up most of the rest of sales.

We urge you to thoroughly review our Item 19 and the rest of our FDD, and we also want you to know how passionately we believe in our own concept.

“When you look at our unit economics and you look at the success that our current partners have had,” says Ahmad, “it’s just been great. And I personally am going to be a franchisee, so that really says something about how I believe in the economics, in the people, in the people supporting the system. And I think it’s definitely a horse worth riding on.”

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